Everyday life in Pompeii, overwhelmed by the terrible eruption of 79 AD, is evoked and brought to light directly in the space of the amphitheater, where the second exhibition circuit unfolds.
Light is shed on the history of archeology in Pompeii with its leading figures: from Championnet to Fiorelli, Spinazzola and Maiuri, enriched with a focus on the specific innovations of the excavations, as well as the stratigraphy and the plaster casts that have enabled us to restore the physical forms of the bodies of the victims of the eruption.

The casts made by Giuseppe Fiorelli and his successors reveal the imprints of the bodies of the city’s unfortunate inhabitants in the volcanic material. They are now presented to the public for the first time after the recent restoration by the Superintendency (section curated by Massimo Osanna and Adele Lagi).
The exhibition in the space of the amphitheater is complemented by the exhibition of photographs curated by Massimo Osanna, Ernesto De Carolis and Grete Stefani. Through a selection of more than 100 images, including many previously unpublished, it reveals the progress of the excavations through the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, offering visitors a visual and documentary contribution of extraordinary value, which helps reconstruct, with the rest of the exhibition, the reception and cultural irradiation of the famous archaeological site.

Pompeii is an integral part of world history, with meditation on antiquity as a focus of modern thought. Retracing its past history, as well as the complex history of its “second life,” with its works, their restoration, destruction and reconstruction, is indispensable to its full and complete understanding and conservation, ensuring it is preserved and made accessible in ways suited to such an extraordinary legacy.

Info about the exhibition at the Amphitheater in Pompeii.




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